GeoVend International is proud to act as an electricity broker in deregulated areas to help homeowners, businesses, apartments and more with finding an electricity provider that can provide an efficient and affordable plan. We do this by working with a carefully chosen group of retail electric providers that offer outstanding customer service and competitive prices.

Who We Serve

We believe no one should have to overpay on electricity services, which is why we work with a wide range of clients, including:

  • Residential Homes
  • Commercial Businesses and Organizations
  • Apartments (Including continuous service agreements)
  • Corporate Housing
  • Mud Districts

Residential Homes

Many of our clients are residential homeowners who are looking for a better electricity plan than what they currently have. If you own a residential home in a deregulated area and are looking for assistance with finding a new electricity plan, we can:

Help you find a plan that fits your needs

For most homeowners, this means finding a fixed price contract that can last up to three years in some cases. This can be much more beneficial than signing with a provider that guarantees an outstanding rate for the period of one year, after which they often exponentially raise those rates.

Make sign up easy

If a homeowner is interested in signing up, it is as easy as visiting our website. From here we will determine that you are indeed in a deregulated area and can examine your current electricity usage to establish a better plan moving forward.

Save money

Our collaboration with retail electricity providers yields our customers special low prices that help save them money. In addition, opting for automatic billing may also help save a little more money.

Commercial Businesses and Organizations

Energy is a large part of our lives at work too as it keeps our businesses and organizations running smoothly by supplying the power needed to conduct everyday activities. We can be energy brokers for commercial clients such as small businesses, mid-sized office buildings, restaurants, churches, schools, and homeowners’ associations.

GeoVend International can help commercial businesses by:

  1. Analyzing their current electricity usage
  2. Obtaining multiple quotes from various electricity providers
  3. Helping clients compare power rates, fees, and contract durations to choose the best plan for their specific needs
  4. Identifying the dollar and percentage savings to be had with a new plan compared to the business’ old plan
  5. Assisting a client in meeting a potential electricity provider’s credit requirements
  6. Developing customized pricing arrangements via trigger pricing, group pricing, and MCPE pricing


Apartment complexes (including continuous service agreements or CSAs) can have a more unique need from electricity providers that allows for the automatic transfer of electricity service into a property’s name once a tenant moves out.

We can assist continuous service agreements by:

Ensuring a seamless transfer

We will ensure that electricity service is transferred to the property when a tenant moves out without your staff having to make phone calls or fill out papers. In the event that a tenant does not pay their bill, the power will not revert to your name.

Keeping the power on

We can help keep the power on in between tenants so that apartments are still show ready.

Corporate Housing

Corporate housing entities can endure substantial electric bills due to the lodging they provide for business executives. These bills can add up over time, but GeoVend International works with some of the best providers in Texas to help corporate housing companies cut their electric bill.

Some of the ways we can serve corporate housing entities can include:

  • Establishing a fixed price for electricity for the term of the contract on all units
  • Ensuring there are no add or drop fees
  • Establishing unified billing that itemizes charges for each unit that can be paid with a single payment
  • Assisting with resolution of plan issues
  • Auditing bills periodically to ensure the rates and fees are correct
  • Preparing new plan proposals before contract expiration

MUD Districts

Water plants are local, however, someone is still needed to pay the electricity that in turn runs the water pumps, which can include sizeable backup generators and/or water turbines. We can help connect MUD Districts with electricity providers that offer efficient plans that are also cost effective.

If you live in a deregulated area and have questions about finding a better electricity plan for your residential home, commercial business, organization, apartment complex, corporate housing, or MUD District, please reach out to GeoVend International to see how we can assist you.